I love this shit.
  1. Superman ~ age 5
    I told him I liked his muscles and he responded with silence.
  2. Sparkly witch ~ age 11
  3. Kitty cat ~ age 3
    This one dug deep in the bowl like a pro.
  4. "A video game character but the female version" ~ age 12
    I was thinking she was some punk kid who put on a video game headset and grabbed a pillowcase but she seemed sincere when I put her on the spot.
  5. A candy corn witch ~ age 5 with a minion ~ age 3
    Mom yelled "trick or treat" before they had a chance to. Gave them extra candy for mom to eat with a glass of Fetzer white Zin later.
  6. Vampire ~ age 7
    Musta had a stiff neck from being in the coffin all day as she froze when I opened the door but managed a "thank you" before flying off the porch.
  7. Ghost face with blood in the mask ~ age 8
    I feigned terror and said "how scary!"... *silence* he got one piece of candy for that.
  8. An Asian child dressed as an Asian man? ~ age 4
    Walked right in the door and demanded m&m's
  9. A pirate and parrot ~ age 16
    The pirate nails his "arrrr.... trick or treat" line before leaving he looks at her and goes "good job on your line" -- I'm guessing she was supposed to mimic him... So close.
  10. The cutest, sweetest mermaid ~ age 3
    She wanted to pick her own candy and went for a blue wrapper, I said she could have one more and she was like "I want blue!"
  11. Some teens in witch (?) costumes
    I don't remember much of these kids but they complimented my tattoo and were rewarded with 5 pieces of candy each despite them perhaps being too old for this shit.