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I'm not even sure that's still what it's called, tbh
  1. I just got home from the Phoenix @john Mayer concert.
  2. I've seen a lot of John Mayer concerts.
    I went on both Mayercraft Carrier cruises. I can't count how many shows of his I've seen.
  3. This one was right up there among the best.
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  1. I miss Featured and Trending.
  2. I am a far too casual Li.st user due to the demands of my personal life and I liked the ability to pop in and see what was happening.
  3. Trending was how I found out about @biz 💔
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  1. My husband and I went to the Comedy Cellar's Village Underground the week before last when we were in NYC.
  2. It was great and most of the comedians were fantastic. We were glad we went.
  3. But I have been holding onto resentment for one of the comedians since then.
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  1. My Hamildate is September 7. I have tickets thanks to The List App (because that's what it was called at the time).
  2. I joined on the first day it opened to the public and found out about Hamilton here.
  3. I became obsessed and happened to look to see whether tickets were available in January, and they were. For September.
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Inspired by @boygirlparty
  1. I've been struggling with what to say.
  2. I feel that saying nothing is disrespectful, but nothing I could say would be adequate.
  3. Bunmi Laditan (creator of The Honest Toddler) posted on FB and her post finally gave me the right words (which are hers).
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Our 3 1/2 year old son broke his femur tripping over his Pull-up. The treatment for a toddler's broken femur is essentially a full body cast. It extends from his chest down to his pelvis (with a hole for potty), down his broken leg to the toe, and down the unbroken leg to his knee, with a titanium bar connecting his two legs. It's awesome.
  1. Here's what it looks like.
  2. Diapering is daunting.
    There is a two diaper system required because of the way the cast goes around his pelvis. His normal diaper size is 5 - we use a 3 with the tabs torn off and tucked into the opening of the cast and then a 6 on top of the whole thing.
  3. Potty training is on hold.
    Pre-injury, he was doing OK with pee but had no interest in poo in the potty. Now we are all diapers all the time. I don't know where he will be when he's out of the cast... He likely won't be able to start preschool until January at the earliest.
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Guys, I think I have a problem.
  1. This morning: coffee. 265 mg
    I pressed the middle button and the small button on my Keurig. I used the same grounds but I think it still counts.
  2. Lunchtime: diet Dr. Pepper. 100 mg
    This was a medium from Jack in the Box. I told myself beforehand not to get a drink but the combos are a much better deal so...
  3. Afternoon snack: chai tea latte. 50 mg
    These are so delicious. I could drink a million of them. The Tazo concentrate that Starbucks sells for $5 for a Venti chai tea latte is $3.29 at Target for 32 ounces.
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  1. It used to be this.
    The cheeks, I Nom them.
  2. Now it's this.
    Snapchat secret filter unlocked.
  3. The cheeks are still super nommable.
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  1. Why is this GIF so universal in my life?