While he is getting ready for work and I am feeding the baby
  1. Baby sleep issues
    🚹: It seemed like he slept pretty well last night. 🚺: Yeah, once I gave him a dose of Tylenol it was better.
  2. General complaints
    🚹: I hate shaving, it really adds 10-15 minutes to my morning.
  3. Supply issues
    🚺: We're out of diapers. 🚹: Baby diapers? Out completely? 🚺: We have a few they sent us home from the hospital with.
  4. Random lunacy
    🚺: You know, we're going to have to register these boys for the draft someday. (Sidenote: they are 2.5 and 2 months.) 🚹: 😳 Can you please just worry about things that are happening today or maybe this year? 🚺: No, join me in my crazy. What if this little guy has to go fight in a war someday? 🚹: Well, then, he'll serve his country.