A well-known comedian called Hillary Clinton a cunt and I can't let it go.

  1. My husband and I went to the Comedy Cellar's Village Underground the week before last when we were in NYC.
  2. It was great and most of the comedians were fantastic. We were glad we went.
  3. But I have been holding onto resentment for one of the comedians since then.
  4. This guy, Steve Byrne. I had heard of his show Sullivan and Son but have never seen it.
  5. He started out fine. He made a couple of Trump jokes that were decent. I am not a connoisseur of comedy so I'm not going to heavily critique it.
  6. Then he goes "That Hillary Clinton. What a cunt."
  7. I was completely taken aback.
  8. I am not very easily offended. But this just wasn't funny and there was no reason for it.
  9. I get that comedians are edgy sometimes and trying to go for shock value, but I just found this offensive.
  10. I had a couple of beers that night and kept talking about wanting to post something on his social media.
  11. My husband dissuaded me and told me to think about it.
    Not that he or anyone else will care what I post on his social media.
  12. I didn't really know who he was before this but now I actively dislike him.
  13. I don't care what someone's politics are, but to me the use of the term "cunt" to describe the first woman nominee for president, someone he doesn't even know, just screams misogyny. So fuck him.
  14. This will probably be the only call-out he gets from me, but I thought I'd bring it to Li.st because I feel like you will understand more than most other social media platforms.