Best and Worst Things About Leaving the Hospital

We are getting sprung from this joint! Baby's blood, urine and CSF cultures came back negative, and even though he is still running a bit of a fever the doctor said it was OK for us to manage it at home. Most likely but unconfirmed diagnosis: viral infection. Yep, a common cold can lead to a 3 night hospital stay for an 8 week old.
  1. Worst: no more on call food delivery.
    Best aspect of the meal experience: homemade super garlicky salsa. I ordered several Mexican meals exclusively so I could put salsa on stuff.
  2. Worst: no more access to the hospital-grade breast pump. ILY 4 Eva, Medela Symphony.
    I'm going to rent one when I go back to work in a few weeks.
  3. Best: all the other things in the world.
    I can't wait for us to be home and our little family of four to be together again!