Requested by Kelsey

Best Things About Having the Whole Family at Home

After half of us spent 3 days in the hospital (List request by Kelsey @Starmist)
  1. Seeing my husband
    Not to brag, but he is amazing. His strongest love language is Acts of Service, and he speaks it to me constantly. My favorite act of service that warms my introvert heart is that he takes the lead in engaging with the public and always volunteers to be the one to go into the store and pick up the food, drop off the prescription, etc. while I wait in the car with the boys.
  2. Seeing my older son
    He is 2.5 and he has been a little slow to talk, but he is picking up new stuff everyday and it is the cutest. He currently has a lot to say about "twick o tweat!" And is excited to wear his "Mi House!" Costume. (aka Mickey Mouse, which came from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  3. Seeing my husband parent my sons
    He loves them fiercely and is excited that baby is back! Even if baby is still a little fussy. 😄 I offered to have baby sleep in his crib while I'm on the floor on an air mattress in his room (rather than our usual setup where he is in a bassinet in the bed between us) so that husband isn't disturbed by baby's crying, and he said "don't worry about me, do whatever is comfortable for both of you." 😍
  4. Upholstered, non-plastic furniture
    My bottom is pleased.