Books or Movies: Which Is Better for These Popular Series?

Spoiler alert: I don't see a lot of movies and I read a lot of books. Make predictions from that as you will.
  1. Harry Potter: A Tie
    The first Harry Potter book came out when I was in high school, so I didn't actually start reading them until the first movie came out. I read the first 4 books (all that had been released at the time) before I saw the first movie. Each book in the series individually is a masterpiece, and the series as a whole is a magnum opus. The gold standard of series storytelling. The movies absolutely do them justice, and the casting was so fantastic that it made me like some characters more (Hermione).
  2. Game of Thrones: TV
    Time it took me to read Game of Thrones: 2 days (I was on a cruise). Time it took me to read Clash of Kings: 1 year. It was that boring. I never tried the TV show but Kit Harington's hotness prompted me to try during maternity leave. WOW, so much more engaging than the books! The books have too much battle detail and strategy. 😴 My super-nerd ex-coworker insisted I read Storm of Swords before watching season 3, so I'm reading it right now but still not loving it. No more GoT books for me!
  3. Lord of the Rings: Abstain
    I think I've seen the movies, but was bored. I've never been too motivated to read the books - Fellowship of the Ring has been on my Goodreads To Read shelf since I joined. Not my cup of tea.
  4. Twilight: Books (barely)
    Ugh, Twilight. I read the books unashamedly and enjoyed them at the time, but once I heard other people's criticisms of the writing it tarnished my memory of them. I don't remember if I saw all three movies, but Kristen Stewart was just so sullen. Bella in the book seemed a bit more joyful. One redeeming feature of the movies is that my celebrity doppelgänger, Catalina Sandino Moreno, was in one. But overall, no thanks.
  5. Hunger Games: Books
    To be fair, I have not seen the movies. (In pondering this, I realized I have never seen a Jennifer Lawrence movie. I told you I rarely watch movies). Although Liam Hensworth is quite yummy, I just haven't been motivated to see these movies.
  6. Bonus: Pirates of the Caribbean: Ride
    I could never follow the plot of the PoC movies. I kept forgetting what was happening halfway through. This convinces me that the filmmakers were focused much more on visuals than plot. The ride has a much better plot (the dog with the key to the jail, the bride auction - fine storytelling!) I love Captain Jack Sparrow's appearances throughout the ride, though.
  7. Narnia series: books
    Unless you're talking about the amazing BBC tv version with a very fake looking and very amazing animatronic Aslan.
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