Coming out of hiding to show @john some love

I'm not even sure that's still what it's called, tbh
  1. I just got home from the Phoenix @john Mayer concert.
  2. I've seen a lot of John Mayer concerts.
    I went on both Mayercraft Carrier cruises. I can't count how many shows of his I've seen.
  3. This one was right up there among the best.
  4. Edge of Desire and Slow Dancing back to back killed me dead.
    Nope, no longer living. 😵
  5. Waiting on the World to Change takes on a whole different meaning in 2017 than I remember it having in 2007.
  6. He seemed to be having a good time too.
  7. Sorry it is so hot here. At least we were inside.
    It could have been worse.
  8. I'm rusty on the listing skills.
  9. Nothing too consequential to say here, just wanted to send it out into the Universe.
  10. Thank you for the music, and I hope you felt the love ❤️ @john