Ethnicities I Have Been Mistaken For

Inspired by @kristiechua and @shanaz. My mom was white (been here since the Mayflower American on pretty much all sides, so total European mixup) and my bio dad was Japanese and Irish. To add to the confusion, my adopted dad is Mexican and Sicilian.
  1. A stranger on the street once told my mom that they loved half Black/half white babies. People have apparently been guessing my ethnicity since the early 80s.
  2. People didn't try to guess much in high school, but they asked a lot. Especially because I was always super tan from having fun all summer.
    Now my tan generally fades quickly under the fluorescent lights of my office.
  3. I get Hawaiian/Polynesian a lot.
  4. Once coming back from Mexico with 4 white friends, the Border Patrol agent singled me out and asked where I was born.
  5. Someone in college once accurately guessed that I was part Asian.
    He was also Asian, I don't know if that had anything to do with his accuracy or not.
  6. People try to speak Spanish to me a lot.
    I can speak Spanish at probably a 2 year old level. I'll say "solo un poco" if I feel like being helpful or just "no" if not when asked if I speak it.
  7. I never know what to check on forms for ethnicity.
    I used to check "other" a lot. I mostly check "White" now. I really like when the form has the option for "two or more ethnicities."
  8. I coined the term "ethnically ambiguous" a few years ago to describe myself.
  9. I passed my ethnic ambiguity on to my sons.
    Sorry boys. Prepare for a long life of being asked what you are. 👽
  10. I feel bad even making this list because I've never really felt oppressed or discriminated against because of my ethnicity (such as it is). It's more annoying than anything.
  11. To sum up with my favorite new List App catch phrase thanks to @shanaz, can I live? Why do I need to fit in society's box?
  12. Assuming that Donald Trump doesn't become President and America doesn't fall like Rome in the 5th century, I think our population will just get more and more ethnically ambiguous. And maybe someday those ethnicity boxes will disappear from our forms.