Everyday Accessories

Inspired by @ladyprofessor
  1. Left hand - wedding band and engagement ring. I didn't want anything too expensive or flashy at the time, and I still love them. I like yellow gold better than white with my skin tone, and it's hard to find yellow very much anymore.
  2. Right hand - tanzanite ring. This was my mom's. She wore it every day and now I wear it every day.
    I did a phone reading with a medium once (someone across the country from me whom I had never met). It was about six months after my mom died. She said my mom came through in my reading, and among other things said "you're wearing a piece of her jewelry right now, right?" That pretty much blew my mind because I feel like it was a pretty big shot in the dark if you want to be skeptical about mediums. Though she also said I would have a daughter so 🤔.
  3. Necklace from my husband for my last birthday. You can sort of see blue and green stones in the middle for my sons' birthstones (blue topaz and peridot).
    Don't mind my awesome thyroidectomy scars and the scratch from the baby's sharp nails!
  4. I also have a Movado watch from my mom but I need to replace the band. I was wearing a Fitbit Charge HR for a while but started to get the rash that many people get from it.