An unedited excerpt from my law school Geocities blog dated 10/29/04
  1. So, tonight, was the Halloween Bar Review.
    It was awesome in general.
  2. Last year's was super fun - it was at Hollywood and Highland and I was a playboy bunny (I just used the same costume from Sr. Year).
  3. This year, it was at some club called Boardner's in Hollywood.
    The DJ was dressed up as Little John, I dressed up as a Catholic school girl. I think my costume was super cute.
  4. Anyway, it was actually really fun in general, we were all hanging out, etc.
  5. Then my friend Kelly comes over, and is like, you know Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement?
    And I was like, of course, I remember the old school Teen Beat magazines that I used to have.
  6. Anyways, so he was at the bar.
  7. A couple of my friends really wanted to talk to him, but they were all nervous about it.
    I didn't really care, I had had a few drinks and was just chillin' and talking to everybody.
  8. Then we were standing by him because my friend Ilia started talking to him.
  9. So I started talking to his friend Chris, who was super nice and immediately declared that I was his new best friend.
    (He also declared that it was Serendipity and he was John Cusack and I was Kate Beckinsale, but that's beside the point.)
  10. Anyway, then I started talking to JTT, and he was cool.
    We had a high five because I told him that I had retained the random information that his birthday was the day before mine, and he was like, yeah, Virgo, high five.
  11. And then I chatted to him about how annoying it must be for people to always come up to him in bars and want to get their picture taken, etc.
    I didn't get my picture taken with him.
  12. Did you know he went to Harvard? Random.
  13. Anyway, that was fun. I told my friend Ati who is one of the social chairs that he must have ordered up the celebrity sighting for bar review.
  14. LOL
  15. (Added information: I know a picture exists of me in the Catholic schoolgirl costume, and I signed in to my MySpace to see if it was there, and it wasn't.) 😂