Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. My freshman year of college I joined a co-ed professional business fraternity.
  2. It was a good mix of partying, leadership training, networking, and philanthropy.
  3. Fall of my junior year (fall 2001) I was on the recruitment committee.
  4. I was helping one of my best friends (the committee chair) set up a meet and greet in our student union.
  5. It was about an hour before the meeting was about to start and this cute guy poked his head in the room asking about the meet and greet. We told him he was an hour early, but he stayed and chatted with us.
  6. We learned that he was from Seattle, had just started at our school, and that he had a girlfriend.
    *sad trombone*
  7. We became friendly acquaintances that semester. I still thought he was cute but I wasn't going to go after someone who had a girlfriend.
  8. Our formal that semester was in Vegas, and he and I happened to end up staying in the same room with my best friend and another guy.
    For some reason it wound up making the most sense for me to share a bed with the other guy, who was gay, and my friend to share a bed with my now-husband. I don't remember any conversation we may have had surrounding that, but it amuses me now.
  9. I don't remember much related to him from Spring 2002. I took the LSAT that semester and started working for The Princeton Review doing test prep tutoring.
  10. Fall of my senior year (2002) when school started back up again, he and I chatted a couple of times at fraternity events and I found out he was single.
  11. I decided I liked him and commenced flirting.
  12. I did identify one flaw with him, which was that he wore shorts and sneakers with white socks that went up to his shins. Not so cute.
  13. I shared my apples with him one day and he loved them (they were the organic sliced Gala apples from Trader Joe's, sourced from Washington so they reminded him of home).
  14. I was in charge of organizing a weekly event where we read to kids at a homeless shelter. He started going regularly.
  15. I told him that I was going to get him new no-show socks.
    Seriously, what a bitch I was. I can't believe he wanted to date me, though this was early and good warning to prepare him for our lifetime together of me attempting to "improve" him.
  16. After the reading event one Tuesday, I gave him the socks and a bag of the apples and he asked if he could cook me dinner at his house.
    This was also preparation for a lifetime of him cooking me dinner.
  17. Things progressed pretty quickly for us, and I remember one semi-drunken party when we were in his room and he said "I'm falling so much in love with you."
  18. We were super close and crazy in love my whole senior year. Our theme song was "03 Bonnie and Clyde" because we were totes Bey and Jay (who incidentally have been together for pretty much the same amount of time as us).
  19. We knew that whole year that I would be leaving for law school in the summer.
  20. I graduated in May and he broke up with me in early June because he didn't want to have a long distance relationship. He had done long distance with a girl from his high school (the original girlfriend) and they had some challenges.
  21. We were only really broken up for a weekend.
  22. We got back together physically at the end of the weekend and officially at the end of the summer, after I had spent a couple of weeks at school.
  23. We were long distance while I was in law school and I used many pink heart-shaped Post-It notes creating countdowns until the next time we would see each other.
  24. I moved back to Phoenix after I graduated in 2006. We didn't move in together because I didn't want to live together until we were married.
  25. We got engaged December 30, 2007 (it's been almost 8 years!) and married May 2, 2009.
  26. Baby boy #1 arrived in 2012, Baby boy #2 arrived in 2015. The factory is now closed, pending permanent demolition in the spring.
  27. 13 years down, a lifetime to go! 💗💗💗