Inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. Only children
  2. People who have lost their moms
    Though it upsets me when people who are in their 50s or 60s hear I've lost my mom and tell me they understand, their mom died a couple of years ago too. No. It's not the same as losing your mom in your 30s.
  3. Mothers
    Especially mothers of small children, those who have experience breastfeeding, and boymoms.
  4. People who grew up in Southern California but were more than an hour from the beach
  5. INTJs
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    Especially female INTJs.
  6. People who had the highest GPA on their cheer squad in high school
  7. People who graduated from a Pac-10 university
  8. People born in 1981
  9. The ethnically ambiguous
  10. Lawyers who used to work in big firms but don't anymore
  11. Women whose husbands are obsessed with fantasy football
  12. Readers of fiction
  13. People who love Freakonomics
  14. People who overanalyze everything
  15. Virgos