I'm at a Super Bowl Party I Guess

Inspired by @hpryfogle
  1. It's me, my husband, my two boys and our two cats.
  2. Everyone is sick except my husband and the boy cat.
  3. Order of sickest to least sick: girl cat, older boy, me, baby boy (he's been on antibiotics since Wednesday so he's mostly better).
  4. The cat won't eat or drink anything (hasn't since Thursday).
  5. She went to the regular vet and the emergency vet yesterday and they weren't sure what is wrong.
  6. They sent us home with a bag of fluid to give her with a subcutaneous needle. Which we just did.
  7. This will be remembered as the Super Bowl when I dabbled in amateur veterinary care.
  8. I hope she starts drinking and eating soon so I can stop worrying about her.
  9. The Super Bowl is on.
  10. My husband just cracked a beer and I am leaning that way too.