My husband jokingly says that I love telling people I'm a lawyer. He's right. I took the MPRE this morning. It's a test you have to pass to become a lawyer. I took and passed it 10 years ago but I had to take it again because I'm getting licensed in New Mexico and they require it within the last 2 years.
  1. As I'm standing there waiting for the doors to open to check in, I'm observing the other people waiting and making judgments about them.
  2. Several are clearly law students. Clue: we're at a college and they are wearing gear from other colleges (this was common in law school in my experience as you needed to stay true to your undergrad).
    I end up judging because of this. For example, the girl wearing the Cal sweatshirt must not have done that well in college or on her LSAT because it was a step down for her to go from Cal undergrad to ASU law.
  3. I wonder what people are thinking of me. I have no makeup on, my hair is not done, and I'm wearing maternity yoga pants. I clearly look every minute of my 34 years.
  4. I have an irresistible urge to share (with the random strangers who are not paying any attention to me and don't care) that I'm already a successful lawyer and have already passed the MPRE so I'm totes not worried about this at all.
    Why? Why do I care about impressing these people?
  5. I manage to find an opening (someone mentions they are taking the California bar) and blurt out the whole story of why I am taking the MPRE.
  6. I feel disgusted with myself.
    Seriously, what is my problem? Answer: secret crushing insecurity.
  7. Also, funny social observation. They don't let you take cell phones into the test so everyone was phone less and couldn't kill time by looking at their phone. I can't even imagine how lost some people must have been. I myself was quite bored and looked for grey hairs.