My Book Club Read the Royal We and Loved It!

  1. Our book club has been together since May 2007 (my first meeting was October 2008).
    I may have to suggest a vacation for our 10 year anniversary!
  2. It was originally organized through, but we left a few years ago.
    We got to the point where we didn't really want randoms coming anymore.
  3. We meet monthly. We met at a Barnes and Noble up until about 6 months ago until a few ladies wisely decided that it would be better with alcohol, so now we meet at a pub.
  4. We tend to read a wide range of books - some classics, some literary, some a little fluffier.
  5. We give books letter grades, and historically have had a wide range.
    We often agree but not always. There have been books that we all gave D's and F's, so it's not like we love everything.
  6. December book club is special for the holidays.
    Our founder hosts us at her house and we have yummy food and drinks. Last night she made a delish punch with moscato, peach schnapps and some kind of pink juice.
  7. We have a weird history of picking either terrible or morbid books for December.
    The Christmas Train, Skipping Christmas, The Christmas List, Little Women (this was actually a good one!), Loving Frank, The 19th Wife and Three Weeks with my Brother were our past December selections. It's become a running joke for us that December books are downers.
  8. We were originally scheduled to read "In the Unlikely Event" by Judy Blume for this December. It involves a plane crash, and we sort of anticipated that it would be another downer.
  9. I read The Royal We by @fuggirls this past spring, so I knew it was 💯😍🎉. Our founder was initially reticent because she doesn't like to pick books over about 350 pages. I convinced her it was a fast read even though it's 450+ pages, so we switched December's book out.
    I read it again in preparation for book club and loved it just as much!
  10. Everyone loved it! We had 8 at the meeting, 6 finished the book. 5/6 gave it an A (one or two verging on an A+). One gave it a B+/A-. The other 2 said they would finish it and were excited for it!
    (Spoilerish: the gal with the lowest grades didn't like some of the betrayals that occurred and were revealed at the end of the book. She was disappointed that certain characters turned out to be jerks.)
  11. I was the only one who was a follower of (though I tried to sell them on it!) and the only one who would fess up to being a royal lover. Everyone else still loved the book even though they don't have the details of the back story of how VERY much Kate and Harry obviously enjoy each other's company.
  12. They loved how real the main relationship was, how clever and witty the dialogue is, and the fabulous London setting.
  13. If you have some time for reading over the holidays, I highly suggest you pick this one up!