Apparently this is a thing now.
  1. Why do I need to?
    Why does the barista need to see me? Do they need to interpret the facial expression I use when deciding between pumpkin spice and toffee nut?
  2. They are going to see me muttering under my breath if I don't like something they say.
    I'm able to maintain my image as a nice person because I am skilled at ranting to myself about others' idiocy where they won't see/hear me. No longer for the drive thru.
  3. My normal practice of staring at the steering wheel while I order is now awkward.
  4. If I looked like a presentable human, I would have gone inside.
    If I'm in the drive thru, it's because I have no makeup, dirty hair, and no bra on. 75% chance I'm in my pajamas. It's bad enough the person at the window has to see me, now we add another person to that list as well? No thank you.