1. We are starting a 3 day potty training bootcamp with our 3 year old.
  2. The book I read swears that it is an effective method and we will be done with diapers by Monday.
  3. I am skeptical.
  4. I am prepared to do a lot of laundry and mopping this weekend.
  5. I recently purchased 2T sized underwear featuring Mickey and friends, the Paw Patrol, and Thomas the Tank Engine.
  6. I also recently purchased wine. 🍷
  7. We are having my friend from college and her new fiancé over for dinner on Sunday. They are in town from Seattle. I have never met the fiancé.
  8. "Nice to meet you. Don't mind that, that's just my toddler peeing on the floor." 😂
  9. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to transition him to a big boy bed.
  10. I'm hoping this will be the same.