1. Jimmy John's took over an hour to deliver my sandwich for lunch.
    Tipped the driver $1. Submitted an online customer feedback form. Failed to freak because they were not adequately fast.
  2. My OB/GYN office had my appointment down for the wrong time.
    Spoke sternly to the receptionist about the lack of a reminder call. Decided not to get an IUD after all. Stormed out.
  3. The hotel we were staying at wouldn't let us check in because I didn't have my ID.
    I admit partial fault for this one. But she could have been nicer about it and come up with some solution rather than sending me to the business center (with two crying children) to try to change my online reservation to add my husband (which couldn't be done). I am still planning a negative TripAdvisor review. I also asked the bellhop for the clerk's name because her hair was covering her name tag.
  4. Same hotel: the barista at Starbucks made three drinks for the person who ordered after my husband and skipped my husband, forcing him to ask her again to make the drinks.
    Husband's reaction: "Let's get the fuck out of here." We checked out and went home (we were scheduled to go home anyway, we just decided not to have breakfast there or check out the pool.)
  5. Daycare issues... The most egregious being my son got put down for nap one day with no pull-up or diaper and peed all over himself.
    Emailed the director and initiated a conversation about how it seems like the teachers of that class are overwhelmed. They have now instituted a new policy where they're breaking that class into smaller groups for a big portion of the day.
  6. This is all within the last couple of weeks (all but the daycare happened within the last 5 days). What is happening right now? Why are people losing their ability to be competent human beings?