AKA the least fun holiday ever
  1. Strep throat.
    We started early, a week and a half before Thanksgiving, with me being diagnosed with strep throat. I have a draft about my history with strep, suffice it to say that it's on my to-do list to see an ENT for a tonsillectomy consult. I have a rogue Jamaican strain that will.not.die.
  2. Too much cake.
    I listed about this, but my toddler projectile vomited dessert all over his carpet. The large pumpkin pie-colored stain on his carpet shall remain as a testament to why it would be a waste of money to replace our carpet any time soon even though it badly needs it.
  3. Stomach virus.
    I stopped calling it stomach flu a few years ago because I don't want to perpetuate people's confusion between a stomach bug and influenza. They are way different beasts and the flu shot does nothing for the stomach bug. The hubs and I both had it. We both spent a lot of time in the bathroom on Black Friday (except hubs also went to work because that's his workplace culture. Sorry if you got the bug, coworkers! 😷)
  4. Strep throat again.
    In addition to the stomach bug, on Black Friday I realized that my 10 day course of penicillin had not killed the mutant strep. So I did a doctor visit using the Doctors on Demand app and got a Z pack (first visit free with promo code APPSTORE!)
  5. Fever.
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    My 3.5 month old had been coughing, congested and fussy for a few days. I was thinking it was just a cold and we were riding it out, until he spiked a 101.3 temp tonight. So here we are in the ER for the second time in his little life. I promise I don't have Munchausen, just two kids in daycare. He's still happy though!
  6. PS: why I feel like Supermom.
    The very nice RN said he wanted to give baby Tylenol. This was at 7:30, I had given him a dose at 5:30. I asked if that was too soon (usually it's every 4 hours) so he went to check with someone else. Came back, said we were going to do ibuprofen and ran back out. Babies under 6 months are not generally supposed to have ibuprofen. Luckily when he came back with the dose, the MD was there, and I was able to question it and the MD said he shouldn't get it. I felt very capable in that moment.