1. Our almost 3 year old son began asking for "dog cookies" about a week ago.
  2. We do not have a dog.
    We had to put our beloved almost 12 year old yellow lab Tug down about 18 months ago. Son was obviously here then, but I'd be surprised if he remembered him, and certainly not his cookies.
  3. We have two cats.
    Son helps feed the cats and gives them treats sometimes, but we've never called their treats "cat cookies."
  4. We figured out that he was referring to the tin of Christmas Danish butter cookies that we recently purchased.
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    We have to store them on top of the refrigerator because he'll pull them right off the counter.
  5. We couldn't figure out why he was calling them dog cookies.
  6. Until I happened to look at the tin.
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  7. And then I was like 😂. He is so sweet and smart, of course they look like dog cookies to him.
  8. I have a feeling Danish butter cookies will now be called dog cookies forever.