Things for Which I Am Not Thankful

  1. Vomit.
    My almost three year old is like Jerry Seinfeld. He had a solid track record of not throwing up but it has now been broken. My MIL baked a pumpkin cake for Thanksgiving and she and my FIL gave my munchkin a piece of pie and two pieces of cake. He vomited all over himself, two books (Easter Bugs and The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and the carpet as we were getting ready for bed. Then he vomited in his bed. I have him in there now with a fresh sheet, and I'm hoping this is the end.
  2. Too much cake.
    As I was walking out the door his parting comment to me was "Too much cake."
  3. Edited three hours later - I'm REALLY not thankful that I also just threw up. It appears that my husband's complaints of not feeling well yesterday were some type of stomach virus that I now have as well. Here's hoping it doesn't pass to the other three people who ate the food I cooked. 😁
  4. Should we throw away all the leftovers? (Even if I can't stand to think about eating them right now?)