Work is closed and daycare is open on New Years Eve. Huzzah!
  1. Shower. Take a half hour. Shave my legs.
    The ultimate in luxury.
  2. Drink coffee. Pump. Eat cookies for breakfast.
  3. Play on my phone.
  4. Put a load of laundry in.
    🙏🏽 Washing the new mattress pad I bought weeks ago that has been hanging around in the closet!
  5. Fold the load of laundry that has been in the dryer since the day after Christmas.
  6. Think about all the things I could do.
    Wander the aisles at Target. Wander the halls at the mall. Buy a new nursing bra. (Need this desperately). Sew. Buy ingredients for tonight's fondue dinner.
  7. Do none of those things.