The story of how I arrived here.
  1. Why yes, @mindy Kaling's Twitter account, I would love to read a list of all of Mindy Lahiri's boyfriends on The Mindy Project and her witty comments about them.
  2. What's this app the list is in? Sure, I'll download it to add to the 4,509 other unused apps on my iPhone.
  3. What is this that I'm looking at? Wait, everything is in bullet point format? I LOVE bullet points!
  4. Is this a new social network that just opened today? I'm so cool for finding it, it's like being at Harvard for The Face Book!
  5. Oh, wait. It's been around in beta for a year and all of the cool kids are already here. Who are these non-celebrities who are here? Are they BFFs with the celebs?
  6. @john MAYER IS HERE?!?!? I wonder if he'll remember that time he was waiting for his ride in Freeport during Mayercraft Carrier I and I was lying on the sidewalk because I was so hungover and I tried to go lie on the bench by him and his security wouldn't let me.
  7. I hope @john Mayer doesn't remember that time I was lying on the sidewalk.
  8. I should try posting a list. What should I post a list about? Should I create a fancy online persona where I carefully curate a theme so that I can become online-famous for that topic?
  9. Should I be the mommy-blogger on The List App? Would it be off-putting if I make all my lists about breastfeeding?
  10. Should I draft a list separately before I try to put it in the app? Ugh, my laptop isn't charged so I can't do it in Word.
  11. I'm such a nerd lawyer for needing to use Word for everything I write.
  12. OK, just start writing something. I have zero followers, no one will probably see it anyway.
  13. How do I get some followers? Oh well, I'll just keep writing lists!