1. Pretty much the definition of I can't even.
  2. In just 13 short days, I am going to have to spend 10 hours per day commuting 45 minutes each way to my office and then helping people with their employment law needs, rather than sitting in a recliner and snuggling with my newborn. 😢
  3. I am blessed to have a good job that pays me enough to justify going back to it, as well as a good daycare that showers my sons with love. I have the best of both worlds and need to remember that.
  4. I am contributing to our ability to do fun family things, have a nice house, eat out whenever we want, basically not have to worry about money at all. I'm also contributing to our retirement savings so that we won't be working for the rest of our lives.
  5. I am blessed to be able to make the choice of whether to go back to work.
  6. I am modeling a strong work ethic and showing my sons that women can be just as smart and successful as men. My husband is showing them that there is no reason for a man to be intimidated by a successful woman and how to respect their future wives.
  7. I would be a horrendous stay at home mom. I am bad at cleaning, cooking, baking, crafts and playing. I am also bad at teaching soft skills. The only thing I'm good at is loving on my kids and teaching them academic stuff.
  8. I make the most of my time with my kids because it is limited. And I enjoy time away from them (it makes me feel more like a whole person).
  9. It's still bittersweet to go back to work.