Inspired by @zoe
  1. The first time after birth you try to feed your baby and the uncertainty involved in whether they are getting any milk
  2. The feeling when your milk truly comes in and your breasts double in size and you know the baby is getting milk
  3. The change in size and color of your areolae
  4. An adjective that compares your breasts to water balloons full of pebbles
  5. The need to tap your foot sharply on the ground for a super painful latch
  6. The preoccupation you have when the latch is painful and how you are torn between the desperate desire to feed your baby and the innate instinct to avoid pain
  7. The relief when the latch gets better and you can nurse without even thinking about it
  8. Being torn between waking up the baby to nurse (but possibly dealing with a crying baby who did not want to wake up) and the hassle of pumping
  9. The expression on the face of a milk drunk baby
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    After giving our son a bottle last night while I was at a meeting, my husband compared this expression to how he feels on Thanksgiving at 11 pm after he has a second helping of dinner.