1. I'm tired, you guys.
  2. Life is so busy.
  3. Being a working mom is...
  4. Work is non-stop. It's usually kind of streaky with busy and not busy but it has not been letting up lately.
  5. I don't ever really take time for myself. My baby (at 7 months) is still not sleeping that well.
  6. My husband is a huge help but he is exhausted all the time too. He is currently falling asleep in front of basketball while I am enjoying a (rare) glass of wine.
  7. My boys are so amazing. They are both at a sweet, cute stage right now in different ways. The 3 year old is developing his little personality and he is so kind and smart. The 7 month old is all smiles and cuddles.
  8. I have been maintaining a constant, low buzz of anxiety about Trump. What are we going to do if he wins, friends?
  9. Anyway, that's pretty much it. Except I just saw a trailer for Neighbors 2, so maybe America will be OK after all.