1. It combines all the worst colors in one ugly triangle
  2. Also, it's a widely known fact that all the best candies are circular
    i.e., Reese's, M&Ms, Skittles
  3. It's just like eating a decorative candle
    (A candle would probably taste better)
  4. Seriously have you even tried it
  5. It tastes like what I imagine having your soul sucked out of your body feels like
  6. In fact, every time someone eats a piece of candy corn, a dementor shows up and performs the kiss of death
  7. It's literally the "sock xmas gift" of candies
  8. If someone offers you candy corn it means either 1) they have bad taste or 2) their cheap ass doesn't value you and you should run immediately
    Save yourself for someone who knows quality when they taste it and appreciates your high-quality candy-loving self