Things I did in Montreal (2016)

Such a doable trip from NYC, need to do it more often.
  1. Joe's Beef...
    ...was full, so we dined at its sister restaurant, the Liverpool House. Same menu, bigger space, win win. Oysters were delicious, but seriously the lobster spaghetti is the star of the show. Made for sharing.
  2. Juliette & Chocolat
    A chain, but super cute. Their hot chocolates are apparently delicious, we got ours iced (dark chocolate, FTW) and it really hit the spot on a super hot day.
  3. Botanical Garden
    Just a really lovely place to wander around and slow down and take a break from the city. There are benches everywhere, with amazing views of their various gardens. Saw so many older people sitting and reading, major #retirementlife goals.
  4. Rotisserie Romados
    Portuguese restaurant serving perfectly seasoned rotisserie chicken topped with a heap of fries (and salad, if you're into that).
  5. Boucherie Grinder
    A butcher's shop that has the most on point display of meats ever. Just fantastically displayed hunks of meat (this isn't even salacious talk), that's kind of a sight to see. We picked up some cured meats, cheese, and a baguette and that was our dinner for the night.
  6. Patati Patata
    Small hole in the wall type place, really yummy poutine (a must have!).
  7. Museum of Fine Arts
    There are interconnected buildings that you get to underground, which was cool. The art was interesting, especially the (hopefully permanent) exhibit of modern furniture that was fun.
  8. Fairmount bagels
    NY bagels > Montreal bagels, but when in Rome.. The bagel with lox and cream cheese really hit the morning spot.