The top 10 podcasts I'm listening to right now 🎧 🎤

I remember when, at my first job out of college, we launched a podcast at @pastemagazine back in 2005. We were a little early to the game, but I've been listening to podcasts ever since. Here are some of my recent favorites.
  1. Startup
    This was originally a podcast covering a startup company that wanted to create podcasts, but seasons 2 and 3 follow several statups from idea to success, or failure.
  2. What Should I Read Next
    Any avid reader should check out this podcast. Host Anne Bogle invites a guest to tell her 3 books they love and one book they hate. Anne then recommends 3 books for them to read next. A great way to find out what you should read next.
  3. Note To Self
    The tech show about being human. Manoush Zomorodi hosts this great podcast about how we interact with technology today.
  4. Stuff Mom Never Told You
    The feminist's guide to everything. Co-hosts Cristen and Caroline release at least an episode a week on topics as varied as Women in Astronomy to Parental Leave in the US. Even as a guy, I find this podcast endlessly fascinating.
  5. On The Media
    Keep up with what's going on in the world of news media. It's focused on politics a lot lately, given the US elections coming up, but there's always an interesting story on the podcast.
  6. The Longest Shortest Time
    Host Hillary Frank stated this parenting podcast when her daughter was an infant as a way to ask the questions that every new parent has, but doesn't necessarily know how to ask.
  7. Judge John Hodgman
    Every week, John Hodgman (PC in the old PC vs. Mac commercials) tries a case brought to him by listeners. His internet justice ranges from topics like whether a wife's desire for a Frozen-themed bedroom goes too far to whether the "litigant's" mother stole his wife's recipes for a family cookbook. Thanks to @andreasauceda for this recommendation
  8. Reply All
    An excellent show that delves into fascinating stories that have the internet at their center. It might be a story about a strange spot in Atlanta where lost phones seem to end up, or the story of a family who lost their son at a young age to cancer, and the video game they created to help them able to deal with the tragedy.
  9. Out National Conversation About Conversations About Race
    The show is a conversation between three co-hosts about different topics involving race in America. Always fascinating, always educational, and always entertaining, this is an excellent show for anyone who has an interest in how we do, don't, and should talk about race in America.
  10. The Simple Show
    This show is all about how to live simply. Not necessarily living without stuff, but says to value people and experiences over the things that often take control of our lives.
  11. Any ideas of what I should listen to next?
    Let me know!