Alumni Class Notes from the fictional law school at the center of my new novel, THE CURVE

Being published this week!
  1. Herschel Jackson ’40 was recently named one of Connecticut’s 100 Best Over 100, an annual list of the state’s oldest practicing lawyers. He is an associate at Foote & Mouth in Stamford and hopes to finally make partner this Fall.
  2. Salvatore Barnett ’47 died in prison on March 14th.
  3. William Walsh ’57 is saddened to announce his death from a self-inflicted gunshot wound just prior to sentencing in his malpractice case. He will leave behind two wives (sorry!) and a whole bunch of children.
  4. John Lansbury ’64 announces his retirement from the practice of law and the sale of his firm, Lansbury & Associates, to his partner, Bill Associates (Vanderbilt ’72).
  5. Traffic Court Judge Whitby Coopersmith ’71 wants to remind all of his fellow alums– stop speeding! Especially Pat Sexton ’71, who he sees is on the docket for next Wednesday.
  6. Alvin Shields ’75 is the first legal director of Senior Lawyers, a non-profit advocacy group fighting for 16-point font on all legal documents, more bathrooms in courthouses, judges who speak louder, and mandatory nap-time during trials.
  7. Thos Fitzsimmons ’82 has been elected Treasurer of his local Rotary Club (Albany, NY). “Just goes to show you,” Thos writes, “being disbarred doesn’t have to mean the end of your professional career!” Thos also performs regularly as a clown at local children’s birthday parties.
  8. Esther Choi ’86 has joined Counselors For Canines. Esther specializes in Golden Retrievers.
  9. Timothy Lewis ’96 has joined the Phoenix office of Grant & Loan after fifteen years in the firm’s Boston office, where he and his wife started a family and bought the home they believed they would retire in, until the firm told him he could either move to Phoenix or find a new job. “But at least they gave me a week’s notice,” Tim writes.
  10. Alicia Pomeranz ’98 recently gave birth to a son, Harold, named for the partner at her firm that Alicia most believes could help her make partner.
  11. Kate Nigro ’13 is looking to sell her New York Bar Exam preparation materials. “They are cursed,” she writes. “$200 OBO.”
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