1. A sequel to this one:
  2. "Grandma new face."
  3. "New face? What happened to grandma's old face?"
  4. "Congo."
  5. "She went to the Congo and lost her face?"
  6. "Off face. Scissors."
  7. "Someone cut off her face with scissors?"
  8. "Old face garbage."
  9. "Grandma's old face is garbage?"
  10. "Yes. New face."
  11. "What should her new face look like?"
  12. "Cat face."
  13. "Grandma should have a cat face?"
  14. "Yes."
  15. "So her face would be like a cat but the rest of her would be like a person?"
  16. "Yes."
  17. "Would she just say meow or would she still talk in words."
  18. "Meow."
  19. "But then how would she read to you?"
  20. --silence--
  21. "Do you want to give this plan a little more thought?"
  22. "Yes."