1. "Objects I do not keep in my hand will disappear and never be found again, so I must hoard them."
  2. "Every time my diaper is changed, an angel loses its wings."
  3. "The floor is perfectly clean. So is the garbage. So are rocks in the backyard, our car tires, dead leaves in the street, and all other children."
  4. "Everyone else's shoes are better than mine."
  5. "If my parents didn't want me to touch something, they wouldn't have brought it into the house."
  6. "I can climb anything. It is impossible for me to fall."
  7. "Moving books, pictures, or other objects to new locations when I am not looking is against the law and must be noted and protested."
  8. "Everyone likes to be watched when they are on the toilet."
  9. "Mommy and Daddy really want me to color their faces with markers."
  10. "Sleep is for the weak."