My son did not start out as a good eater at all. When we started introducing solid foods, he rejected the idea completely and for months he wouldn't even take purees. We ended up with a feeding therapist who was amazing and now he is such a fun eater, will try most things, gets excited about food lots of adults won't even eat. Like:
  1. Natto. Fermented Japanese soybeans. I am an adventurous eater who likes this stuff, but I was shocked my son was willing to recognize it as food.
  2. Fish eggs. He's tried salmon eggs, flying fish eggs, cod roe, even sea urchin, so far will eat it all.
  3. Jalapenos. I taught him that a little bit of yogurt or cheese will take away the burn. We're still on tiny bites, but he likes to experiment.
  4. Funky cheeses. So far there is not a cheese he will not devour. Brie, taleggio, goat, whatever. He ate 5 ounces of mozzarella cheese for snack the other day.
  5. Pickled herring. He is a lot of fun when we go to synagogue and stay for lunch. Pickled herring, smoked salmon, I am raising a little old Jewish man.
  6. Salmon in any form. Hot smoked, cold smoked, raw, cooked, he would eat salmon three meals a day, begs for it, it's awesome.
  7. Papaya salad. Or basically anything in a Thai restaurant. Sticky rice, noodles, curries, it's all good.
  8. Mustard. I got a mustard assortment from Trader Joe's and now he asks for pink mustard (beet and horseradish).
  9. Grapefruit. Or really any fruit, with sour cherries and blueberries and blackberries currently in the lead. I love that he gets excited to go to the farmers market.
  10. Mushrooms. This one maybe surprised me the most, because I'm not even sure I like mushrooms all that much. But he loves them, it's crazy.