1. Hillary Clinton is running for President.
  2. She is also dead.
  3. I mean she is a ghost.
  4. A friendly ghost, sort of. I mean, I guess maybe more of a scary ghost.
  5. It's not clear when or how she died. Some people think she died last week, from something called pneumonia.
  6. Pneumonia is something people get when they try to hide their e-mails from the public.
  7. Other people think she died a long time ago and everyone has just been pretending she's alive so she can run for President.
  8. No, I guess that doesn't make any sense.
  9. No, I don't really understand it either.
  10. Oh, the person she's running against for President is Donald Trump. He's dead too.
  11. How did he die? He built a big wall separating America from Mexico.
  12. And then the wall fell on his head.
  13. No, that's right, you definitely should not run for President.