1. Weird things Daddy is trying to get me to like eating (stop offering me dried baby sardines please)
  2. Awesome books Daddy keeps hiding in the closet because he hates them (Clifford!!!)
  3. Things I imagine Daddy is doing when he says he is in his office "working."
  4. My favorite places to hide Daddy's wedding ring
  5. Words Daddy spells instead of says because he thinks I won't understand what he's saying even though I do
  6. Daddy's favorite pants for me to rub my food-covered hands on
  7. Facts about the world that Daddy should just admit he doesn't know and look up on Google instead of faking a silly answer
  8. Things that Daddy told me not to touch that I touched and nothing happened so that means I don't ever really need to listen to him
  9. How to tell when Daddy isn't really serious about something and will give in if you just complain long enough
  10. What I think Daddy is always doing on his phone
  11. Reasons I kinda like Daddy sorta sometimes :)