I did a list like this about a month ago, but since then my son has started speaking in longer phrases/sentences and will come up with all sorts of stuff he's obviously picked up from either me or my wife.
  1. "I no know either!"
    If he doesn't know something, this is what he says, even if there's no reason to say "either" — I can only assume it's because he hears us say that whenever he doesn't know something and we don't have an answer for him.
  2. "I think this is new product."
    We let him loose in CVS and he kept picking things up and saying "I think this is new product." It was very funny, but I realize it's because I'm obsessed with the new product shelf at Trader Joe's and am always looking at the new stuff and deciding whether we should buy it.
  3. "I very gassy today."
    I plead the fifth. What he repeats is so, so funny lately.
  4. "Micah got this once Whole Foods."
    We go to too many supermarkets, and talk about them way too much.
  5. "That's silly!"
    This is now his stock phrase for anything funny, which made me realize it has become my default response for any kind of nonsense he does or says. We read "Mr. Silly" for the first time the other day and he was very excited.
  6. "Too much people here."
    I should probably stop unintentionally turning my son into an introvert.
  7. "School no fun today people coughing"
    I should also probably stop unintentionally turning him into a germophobe.
  8. "Grandma fall down stairs bump head get hurt need doctor."
    My wife and I definitely talk too much in his presence about our parents and their health issues. Grandma hasn't fallen down the stairs, but this is definitely inspired by real conversations.
  9. "Mommy beautiful like Queen Esther."
    He is very sweet... and also we talked a lot about the Jewish holiday of Purim.
  10. "I like Dr. Pineapple Juice."
    His mommy is a doctor. His daddy buys pineapple juice at Trader Joe's. This is clearly the perfect combination of the two.