These are the things he has told me he wants, just in the past few days.
  1. A toy microwave
  2. A cat named Dogwin and a dog named Cat
  3. A baby named Carrot
  4. A mustache
  5. More yellow bananas, more red bananas, more brown bananas, always more bananas
  6. One red grape, one green grape, one black grape
  7. New shoes
  8. Old shoes
  9. Dirty hands
  10. Colder water
  11. A grandma that can hide under the couch
  12. No ears
  13. More copies of Mr. Messy
  14. Three more remote controls
  15. A real iPhone
  16. Different toothpaste
  17. Big tomatoes, little tomatoes, middle-size tomatoes
  18. Flowers for his pocket
  19. Makeup
  20. A booster seat instead of a car seat
  21. A new cold