1. My wife and I had friends over today with their 11-month-old daughter.
  2. They were playing together really nicely. My son was being very sweet, he picked up a bead from the rug so the baby wouldn't put it in her mouth, he was sharing his Legos...
  3. My son is a completist—I don't know if that's a real word, but what I mean is that he needs sets to be complete. He needs all the books in a series, all the pieces of a puzzle, all the crayons in the box.
  4. He has a toy calendar set we got from my mother, and it's basically a chart with a ton of vinyl removable stickers—for the months, the days of the week, the numbered days, etc.
  5. When we first opened it a couple of months ago, we somehow misplaced the Sunday sticker—and it was the cause of much angst. I was almost able to placate him by making a replacement Sunday from a scrap of colored tissue paper, but it wasn't the same.
  6. He ended up making me write out dozens of tissue paper scraps, with all of the different days of the week, in every color paper, and still, it was very emotional.
  7. And then we found the Sunday sticker! And all was good again.
  8. For whatever reason, this was what he wanted to play with this afternoon, after not touching it for a couple of weeks. He took it out, and was sticking the pieces to our glass windows while our 11-month-old guest looked on.
  9. Suddenly I see, out of the corner of my eye—she has a piece of tissue paper in her hand... then in her mouth... and... SHE SWALLOWED SUNDAY.
  10. My son turns around and realizes what is happening... and after playing so nicely for an hour, he completely loses it. Like, a meltdown we haven't experienced in months, at least. Completely inconsolable. Unwilling to accept a new tissue paper Sunday, unable to unsee what he saw, entirely incapable of returning to the same room as our guests.
  11. And I'm sympathetic, of course—frustrated but sympathetic. Because she just ate a piece of his toy.
  12. And that is the worst ending to a playdate, ever. (Excluding a trip to the hospital, of course.)