1. He started talking about him a few weeks ago.
  2. His name is Dinan.
  3. Dinan speaks Hebrew.
  4. Dinan is a baby, but he is also very old.
  5. Dinan can drive. He can, in fact, drive from the back seat of a car.
  6. Dinan is from Mongolia and also New Jersey and also Africa and also Arizona.
  7. Dinan invited us all for dinner last night at his house and he was going to make chicken and salmon and couscous and frosting.
  8. Dinan has a dog who says good morning and a truck that has a face.
  9. Over the weekend, my son and Dinan had an argument and they decided they were not speaking anymore but then Dinan said sorry and now they are friends again.
  10. Dinan dreamed there was a turtle with the face of a cow.
  11. Dinan likes school better than camp.
  12. Dinan doesn't need to wear diapers because Dinan does not have to go peepee. Also Dinan has three ears and his third ear is on his tushie.
  13. Dinan has a dentist appointment every Tuesday.