1. The food is not ready yet
  2. The food is too hot
  3. The food is too cold
  4. The food is neither hot nor cold
  5. We had this yesterday
  6. We have never had this before
  7. The food is in the wrong-colored bowl
  8. The food is all in one bowl
  9. The food is in too many bowls
  10. The food is on a plate
  11. The food is not cut into pieces
  12. The food is cut into pieces
  13. One piece is bigger or smaller than all the other pieces
  14. Taking a bite of the food that was correctly served whole causes it to no longer be whole
  15. The color of something on the plate is unacceptable, despite the fact that the particular food in question does not come in any other color
  16. The inside color of the fruit or vegetable does not match the color of the peel or skin
  17. Something is too juicy
  18. There is noise outside
  19. There is no noise outside
  20. There is not enough food
  21. There is too much food
  22. The universe exists
  23. Gravity
  24. Life
  25. There is no cheese