1. Lord of the Cries
  2. Cut the Grapes of Wrath in Half So No One Chokes
  3. To Put A Mockingbird Down For A Nap Is Impossible and you would think from the sounds of protest that you were Killing her instead
  4. The Catcher in the Rye, No Crust, No Crust, No Crust
  5. Catch-22 Colds This Month
  6. Uncle Tom's Cabin Is Totally Not Childproofed and Needs Outlet Covers
  7. Of Mice and Wanting To Adopt Them As Pets
  8. The Old Man and the "See? Adults Wear Diapers Too So Why Should I Use The Potty?"
  9. A Raisin in the Car Seat
  10. The Scarlet Letters That Got Fingerpainted onto the Yellow Sweater
  11. A Tale of Two Mittens and Where They Could Possibly Have Disappeared To
  12. A Farewell to Arms, Teddy Bear, If I Can Find the Scissors
  13. The Three Musketeers Is A Totally Legitimate Snack for a Toddler