1. "I worry about No Parking signs. They make me worry about where to park."
  2. "You can't bring me a bag of kisses. Kisses aren't a thing."
  3. "I don't want to give my cousins books. I want to give them piles of old oatmeal."
  4. "Can we wash underwear in the dishwasher and plates in the washing machine?"
  5. "Why are grandmas so old?"
  6. "How come this elevator only up to 3? Where is 10? I want this elevator to have a 10."
  7. "I want all the tomatoes at the farmer's market. All of them. To play with them. Not eat them. All of them. Even bad ones."
  8. "Can the ants on my table move to a different house?"
  9. "I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday because that is when I am going to the dentist."
  10. "Why mommy have big-girl teeth and not big-boy teeth?"