No one ever tells you that being a parent will teach you all the weird stuff you say and do.
  1. "Hmmmm...." I have realized, from my son imitating the behavior, that when we are in the supermarket, I apparently like to pick things up off the shelf, look at them, say "hmmmmm" as I think about whether to buy them, and then put them back. This is entertaining to watch a 2-year-old do, but now makes me very self-conscious when I catch myself.
  2. "That's funny." Said without laughing. My son has made me realize I am not always an easy laugher, and will sometimes just straight-face acknowledge an attempt at a joke by saying "that's funny" instead of actually laughing. This is not that much fun, I now realize, for the person trying to elicit a laugh.
  3. "This boring." All of a sudden, when he doesn't like the book we are reading, he will say it's boring and close it. I don't know where he learned that ... ... ...
  4. Opening the fridge fifteen times a day looking for a snack. Oops.
  5. Insistence on hand-washing. The other day he pointed his grandma to the sink when she arrived, knowing she should wash her hands before playing. This feels like a triumph... except if it's the first sign of a cleanliness obsession.
  6. "Long time ago," or, as he says, "yumtongago." I don't know that I do say that so often, but I must, because my son keeps saying that something happened "yumtongago" whether it was yesterday, six months ago, or never.
  7. "Again," or, as he says, "ungung." Everything he likes, he wants "ungung" even if we are still doing it. Like, we're outside, and we ask him if he's having fun playing. "Ungung ungung!" Um, sure, we can do it again, but we're also still doing it now.