1. He ends up in our bed virtually every night when he wakes up at some point between midnight and 4am because it is easier than trying to get him back to sleep in his crib.
  2. Half the time in our bed he ends up leaking through his diaper because he's used to drinking endless amounts of water before bed and to fall back asleep and we don't know how to wean him from it because he insists.
  3. He still uses a bottle at home, though he's perfectly capable of drinking from a cup at school and in restaurants.
  4. He is not anywhere close to toilet-trained and we're really not pushing. He sits on the potty every night before bed to hear a story but it's a no-pressure usually no-peepee event.
  5. He often eats sugary cereal for breakfast because it's in the house and he wants it.
  6. He plays with all of our fruits and vegetables and I have to ask permission before I can cook them, which sometimes he doesn't give me, and I just let him keep playing with them until they get mushy and turn into garbage.