1. "'nother story, Arthur, Franklin, me." All he wants all day is to hear stories about himself and fictional animals from his books. "Arthur, Franklin, me, in kitchen, daddy make pancakes" was tonight's very specific bedtime story demand.
  2. "hold it, green banana, hold it, brown banana." Not only does he want to hold bananas all day, he wants to hold bananas that aren't yellow. So we buy them green, he holds them until they ripen, then we have to put them in the fridge so they start turning black, and then he wants to hold them again.
  3. "sing it book, make up tune." I can't remember how this first happened, but my son realized that even if something wasn't technically a song, we could still sing it to him. At first it was sort of fun. And for Dr. Seuss books it's pretty easy. But making up a tune for every non-rhyming book in his bookcase has been a challenge :)
  4. "mommy daddy bed, mommy daddy bed." Pretty self-explanatory. And, indeed, he often gets his wish at 3AM because neither of us wants to deal with trying to get him back to sleep in his crib.
  5. "no cup, bottle." We're trying... so hard....
  6. "hold mommy phone, hold daddy phone." Right now. So I should probably just go ahead and publish this list already and put away my phone..........