What It's Like to be an Author at BookExpo

My new novel, The Curve (a satire about a Trump University-style corrupt law school, co-written with Cameron Stracher) comes out on June 7th. I was at BookExpo yesterday signing copies.
  1. Link to my book:
  2. This year, BookExpo was at McCormick Place in Chicago, a huge conference center. I'd been to a couple of BookExpos at the Javits Center in NY, but never here.
  3. BookExpo is cool because publishers give away tons of advance copies of books.
  4. Including lots of children's books—which is super-awesome when you have a 2-year-old, and also super-awesome when you're staying with friends who have 3 kids and you want to be a fun houseguest who brings lots of unexpected free books.
  5. My signing was scheduled for 2:15. I got there at around 11:30 so that I'd have a chance to wander and grab some books.
  6. I was surprised my publisher had made a sign to advertise my signing. It was pretty cool. (I am not the bearded man, hopefully his book is good too.)
  7. I tried to be really selective when taking books, because to fit them in our suitcases and lug them back on a plane will be hard.
  8. Still, it is hard to resist free books.
  9. The one I was most excited to get was this one by comedian Jessi Klein.
  10. The description of this novel — "if the Civil War never happened...." — intrigued me enough to grab it.
  11. Among the kids books that I was drawn to— yoga
  12. Something that seems kinda meta
  13. We have another one by Jamie Lee Curtis that we like
  14. A comic book about civil rights
  15. Self-help for kids
  16. Anything to encourage sleep
  17. Inspiration
  18. Promotion of gender equality
  19. Allergy awareness
  20. Waiting is fun
  21. Being sad is ok too
  22. Pajamas are cool
  23. And a book about parenting so I can feel guilty for doing whatever it is I do wrong
  24. I signed a bunch of my books. You should check it out!
    Sneak peek at the website—seemanhattanlawschool.com