1. I have a new novel (co-written with Cameron Stracher) coming out on June 7th. (It's my second book and Cam's sixth.)
  2. It's a quick, fun read, a satire about a Trump University-style law school, a corrupt, inept kind of place where the students are paying lots of money for an education that isn't worth the cost of the crayon used to write the diploma.
  3. The kind of place where the professors are only there because they couldn't get jobs at a real school, and the students are only there because they overslept on the morning of the LSAT.
  4. A taste of the humor of the book is at our website, a parody of a real law school site, that I spent way too much time playing around with:
  5. I'm hoping to get some early buzz going, get people spreading the word, writing reviews, etc.
  6. And since this has become my favorite social network these days, I thought I'd try to find a way to offer up a couple of free advance copies that my publisher can send out.
  7. So if you'd like to check the book out, share your own "worst college / law school / grad school story" as a suggestion below, hopefully we can collect some fun stories here, and I'll pick my favorite two or three and get some books sent out.
  8. (And any ideas anyone has to promote a novel these days, I am all ears— it's a different e-world than when my first book came out in 2006.)
  9. (Plus if anyone is looking for any advice about law school, novel writing, or the intersection of the two, of course feel free to shoot me an email anytime—
  10. Thanks! (Deadline: Monday 4/25, 11:59pm eastern)
  11. Learning about Bowers v. Hardwick, prof was very conservative (and a prude). He kept asking whether there is a constitutional right to engage in gay sodomy. My friend said "the law isn't specific to gay sex. I mean really, how many straight people here have given or received a blow job?" All hands went up...and we went on to a different case.
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