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Inspired by @element75 // @bjnovak // please destroy me
  1. The worst
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  2. An inspiration in the denim game
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  3. in addition to the list I sent you?.. nothing more ☺️
    can't wait to clink Pacíficos one day (sooner than later)
    Suggested by   @jessknuckey
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I had to quit 45 times for @Nicholas to make me this lovely board. For the record, I'm not really quitting, just being a baby about something and trying to get my way. 🍼
  1. Échec (failure)
  2. Peignoir (robe)
  3. Gueule de bois (hangover)
  1. this is what a 40yo bisexual divorcé/former cult member and wanna be drag queen looks like (h/t @Lisa_Fav)
  2. i always say i'm doing fine but really everything is a disaster, so i guess i'm just another american
  3. my only life hack is low expectations
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  1. (I feel like I change my bio more often than I tweet, and although they aren't that interesting, I'll try and log them here for questionable reasons)
  2. your funeral
  3. good with matches
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  1. PWR BTTM / Big Beautiful Day
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  1. 22 - (for a baseline, this is pretty good, it's usually close to 14)
  2. 19
  3. 9
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  1. Watching the cat I live with psychologically terrorize a bird inside the apartment. I think it's dead now and essentially a toy.
  2. Update: it's dead.
  3. Doubling down on repressing all sexual impulses
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  1. I bought Doritos
  2. I think my car judges me when I lock it three times as I walk away
  3. I'm intimidated by the contestants on Project Runway Junior
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