1. I work on @list iPhone app.
  2. But I have some side projects as well.
  3. One is @without
  4. It's been effectively broken for months.
  5. I thought it was my fault.
  6. It usually is.
  7. I mean, I wrote the code.
  8. Which loosely translates to: I wrote all the bugs too.
  9. So I made like 3 releases trying to fix this bug where people couldn't connect to their partner.
  10. It's a relationship app, so this renders the app useless.
  11. The copy in the app would even mock them, stating that the app was useless without a partner and that they should invite someone or else they would have to stare at this invite screen forever.
  12. But then it would fail in letting them connect.
  13. It was a vicious cycle.
  14. And my joke about staring at one screen forever became a reality.
  15. I mean yeah, I published this app under the name Pointless Technology LLC, but I didn't really want it to actually be pointless.
  16. I kept making releases, optimistic that the changes I made would solve this fucking bug.
  17. But they didn't.
  18. In testing, it *always* worked.
  19. Every fucking time.
  20. I hated myself.
  21. I hated myself for not knowing what the problem was or how to fix it.
  22. I was embarrassed with each release as none of them fixed anything.
  23. So here's the bug:
  24. In the app, you connect to people by texting them a url that would launch safari and blah blah blah.
  25. In testing, I would just type this url into the browser and it worked great.
  26. I finally decided to test this by texting the url to myself.
  27. And it broke everything.
  28. The url looked perfect in Messages, but when clicked, it modified the url by making it all lowercase.
  29. What the fuck?
  30. It turns out, there's a bug in iOS 9 that causes this.
  31. You two can verify this bug: Text someone this link: http://apple.com?c=UPPER
  32. It looks great, right?
  33. Then long press on the link and copy it.
  34. Paste it somewhere.
  35. Now it looks like http://apple.com?c=upper
  36. It lowercased everything.
  37. I slit my wrists.
  38. http://apple.com/?c=UPPER works just fine.
  39. That little "/" fixes things if after the domain.
  40. I think this bug came up around the time iOS 9 came out.
  41. It's been haunting me for months.
  42. I would stare at my code for hours.
  43. I rewrote it many times even though it amounted to just skinning cats in various ways.
  44. And it turned out to be a bug in something I couldn't imagine fucking it up: The Messages app. The app we all use daily. From Apple.
  45. So yeah, it wasn't my bug, but the fact I didn't test it end to end makes me an asshole.
  46. I guess the lesson is to just trust the world less.
  47. ....
  48. Oh, it's still broken in the App Store because the review process takes over a week. So, that's cool. I mean, it's been broken for months... What's another week?